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So I thought, "wouldn't it be amusing to choose LOLs by random number generator?" And what did I come up with? The WHEEL! OF! LOLALITY!

Yep. The Wheel of LOLality. Capable of giving you your fondest desires... oooooor just making your life miserable for a while. Do YOU dare take that chance?

A few notes for those who decide to participate:

1.) If you see a specific LOL on the list that you'd like to choose, by all means let me know OOCly, and the wheel will just HAPPEN to land on that spot.

2.) Alternatively, if you like the random roll idea, but see a few LOLs you most definitely do NOT want to happen to your pup, note which numbers you object to OOCly, and those numbers will be ignored if rolled.

3.) All LOLs unless otherwise noted last for as long as the mun desires.

With that, heeeeeere's the wheel!

1.) Bankrupt (In which your character finds that whenever he goes home, he goes to an alternate universe version of home where he is completely destitute).

2.) Temporary Invulnerability.

3.) Tenchi Syndrome (Your milkshake brings all the girls and/or boys to the yard, but they ALL want you for themselves. This could get ugly).

4.) Gender Swap.

5.) Instant Riches -- never want for money again!

6.) Turn into a 20's silent film character (black and white, all dialogue comes in the form of text cards, and movements are exaggerated).

7.) Personality shift (Not necessarily good or evil, but definitely different from normal).

8.) One wish granted (note this follows the "genie" rules: No wishing for new wishes, no killing, no forcing someone to fall in love with you).

9.) "Perdita" (Gain an alternate personality who you are aware of and who you can converse with in your head, and has a bad habit of taking over during times of stress).

10.) Love Potion #9 (Kissing everything in siiiiiight....)

11.) Some handy gadget/device you may need comes into your possession.

12.) Gain an obnoxious speech mannerism (lisp, adding "mega" or something to the end of every sentence, speaking in tongues etc.).

13.) Bad luck curse (funnier the better).

14.) Free Spin (Spin again!).

15.) Become a parody of yourself (eg. Jack Sparrow ONLY talks about rum and nothing else, Phoenix Wright shouts OBJECTION at everything).

16.) Change into a random animal, mun's choice.

17.) Random useful superpower.

18.) Random USELESS superpower.

19.) Deaging (age is up to the mun).

20.) Your house suddenly turns into your ideal vacation locale for five days.

21.) You suddenly find you're constantly trailed by cute, furry animals no matter WHAT you do.

22.) One really, really horrible nightmare.

23.) Your romantic success rate shoots to 100%.

24.) Be stuck as an alternate personality in someone ELSE'S body.

Good luck! You'll need it!


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